What Is a Politician's Job Description?

politician-s-job-description Credit: Stewart Charles Cohen/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The job description of a politician varies according to the specific office he holds, but generally all positions involve analyzing issues, deliberating with advisers and fellow law makers, meeting with constituents and attending meetings to formalize law. Since most political decisions are popularly decided, campaigning is a large part of the job. This also means that politicians generally do not need a specific background, although familiarity with government processes helps.

A politician's job description and schedule depend on the office to which he elected. Local and state offices are generally part-time positions. Politicians at the national level are usually full-time. A politician has certain set appointments every week. These include policy-making meetings (such as legislative sessions, city council meetings and board meetings) and meetings with the party. The politician also sets hours for meeting with constituents and lobbyists. He listens with concern, communicates useful information and finds solutions for the problems facing the people he represents.

Politicians read and draft proposed legislation, like reports, requests and bills. These documents can be long and written in technical, hard-to-understand legal language. When needed, a politician consults with aides, legal experts and specialists in the fields concerning policy in question. A politician performs in-depth research on issues independently and with assistance. He studies the news to stay informed about important political processes.