What Are Some Political Goals of Farmers?


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Major political issues listed by the American Farm Bureau Federation include labor reform, the development of bio fuels and biotechnology, limitation of the Clean Water Act, protection of proprietary information, and tax reform. The American Farm Bureau Federation is the largest agricultural organization in the United States.

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One of the major political goals for farmers in the United States is finding enough affordable labor to make them competitive with farms in other nations. Farmers face a challenge in locating American citizens who want to do farming work. For this reason, American Farm Bureau Federation members support immigration reform that allows them to hire affordable immigrant labor to meet business demands on a seasonal basis.

The rising cost of traditional fuels also drives up the cost of production for farmers. For this reason, they support the development of renewable fuels and technology that helps manage their crops. Livestock thrive on the natural water sources found throughout farmlands. Thus, farmers oppose legislation that expands government jurisdiction over clean water sources.

Farmers also want government help in protecting new developments in the cultivation of seeds and crops. Pieces of legislation that help farmers optimize cash flow as well as make them more competitive in a global market are also of primary political concern. Finally, farmers seek to minimize the impact of climate change laws on farming. Since some farming practices are directly tied to climate change, farmers fear the passage of laws that place restrictions on them that are too great to allow continued business at a profitable level.

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