What is political globalization?


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Political globalization is when governmental action takes place on a global level, where responsibilities, such as the welfare of citizens and economic growth, are acted upon by an international political body. In the past, governments typically served the citizens of their own nations, but now, the world is much more globally connected, which means politics oftentimes take place in a globally connected setting.

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What is political globalization?
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There are many examples of political globalization, like the European Union, where political integration joins multiple nations together to make decisions and establish policies. Because the nations of the world have become much more connected, there is a growing prevalence of intergovernmental agencies, like the International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization and the United Nations. Political activity has transcended the old barriers of national divisions, where global agencies, international organizations and worldwide political movements have become much more common.

The advancement of globalized politics is one aspect of how the world is becoming increasingly interconnected. This is happening in the midst of numerous other advances in technology, communication and transportation. The rise in the Internet is another occurrence that has lead to the governments of the world becoming increasingly interconnected. Globalization is a significant topic as the nations of the world increasingly trade and invest in one another, and the new challenges of global warming, social inequality and terrorism are further indicators of how globalized politics may be integral to the shaping of future international policies.

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