Who Are Some of the Political Candidates in New York?

As of September 2015, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, is the incumbent candidate for Senate up as he is up for re-election in November 2016. No other candidates have officially declared an intention to run the June 2016 primary but other potential candidates include Republican James Emanuele, Independent Joseph Prince and Republican Frank Sportono.

New York has 27 U.S. Congressional districts. Because nine U.S. Representatives are up for re-election or retirement in 2016, more candidates are expected enter the race before the primary in June 2016. New York's 13th Congressional District is the most heavily contested, with six candidates currently registered to run for the U.S. Representative seat vacated by the retirement of Democreatic Representative Charlie Rangel.

Susan Johnson Cook is one of the five current Democratic candidates challenging for the district located in the southeast of the state. Cook is an ex-U.S. ambassador, ex-Clinton White House aide and a pastor. In contrast,potential Democratic candidate Mike Gallagher is currently a stay-at-home dad and graphic designer. Other declared Democratic candidates are Adam Clayton Powell and Keith Wright. Martin Chicon was a Republican candidate in the 2012 13th Congressional district, and he is the sole Republican candidate to file for the 2016 election.