How Do You Plan a Visitation Schedule?


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When making a visitation schedule, factors such as state custody guidelines, child’s age, child’s needs and distance in the event the parents live far from each other should be considered, states CustodyXChange. Frequency of visit, holidays and vacations, special events, transport and time should also be factored in, notes Lawyers.com.

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Alternative visitation methods can be used in certain situations, explains Lawyers.com. With advancement in technology, some states allow other methods such as phone calls and communication over the Internet. These can be included as visitation methods for the family. Such methods help, especially when a parent needs to contact the child when the child is with the other parent. Before considering such methods, the child’s age and available equipment should be considered. Another thing to be considered is if the state allows visitation by grandparents.

Visitation rights and a parenting plan are usually part of the court order, states Lawyers.com. It is important to ensure that all terms are made clear and easy to understand. This is not only helpful to the parents but to others, such as the authorities, during enforcement. Flexibility of the schedule is important as this helps save resources whenever an adjustment is needed.

If each parent lives in a different state, the requirements of both states should be factored in since different states have different requirements, states CustodyXChange. The nature of the schedule also depends on whether the custody is a joint custody or a sole custody.

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