How Do You Find a Physician at the Rothman Institute?

How Do You Find a Physician at the Rothman Institute?

To find a physician at the Rothman Institute, visit the website and browse the list of physicians. While the full list is extensive, it is possible to search by specialty or location. The Rothman Institute also has a number of very qualified physician's assistants to search through as well.

The Rothman Institute specializes in orthopedic and musculoskeletal care. The institute has 20 facilities located throughout the Philadelphia area as well as urgent care centers. The steps to finding a physician at the Rothman Institute are fairly straightforward.

  1. Visit the physician's page on the website
  2. On the official website for the Rothman Institute, there is a physician's directory that lists all of the physicians in alphabetical order. Users can scroll through the list and read short bios for each doctor.

  3. View by specialty
  4. The list of doctors is also available subdivided by specialty. Users can browse physicians for a specific need, such as sports medicine, orthopedic trauma and fracture care, spine or hip.

  5. View by location
  6. The site also allows users to search for physicians nearby. Some of the convenient locations are King of Prussia, Washington Township, Newton Square and Wynnewood.

  7. Select a physician and make an appointment
  8. Once a choice has been made, a prospective patient can visit the physician's page to make an appointment. The page gives a short bio, the doctor's professional profile, publications and recent news.