What Are the Physical Requirements to Join the U.S. Navy?


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To join the U.S. Navy, you must be able to pass a physical readiness test, which measures your ability to complete physical exercises, and a body composition assessment. These assessments are given to new recruits during boot camp and twice a year after for active and reservist sailors.

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The physical test measures how quickly you can run 1.5 miles, how many curl-ups you can do correctly in two minutes and how many sit-ups you can do in two minutes. You are given points on each task, and the average determines your overall category. To graduate boot camp, you must fall in the "good" category.

For the body composition assessment, you must meet standards for height and weight. If you weigh more than the standard weight for your height, your body fat will be measured to determine if you fall within the U.S. Navy's prescribed body fat standards.

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