How Do You Find Phone Numbers and Addresses for Collection Agencies?

How Do You Find Phone Numbers and Addresses for Collection Agencies?

Find phone numbers and addresses for collection agencies by ordering a copy of your credit report from one of the major credit-reporting agencies. These credits reports include contact information for the collection agencies listed. Other resources include the Better Business Bureau, state attorney general and state corporation commission.

Consumers are entitled to free copies of their credit reports from each agency annually. A consumer also has the right to order a copy of his report if information it contains causes a company to deny him credit. Several services also provide their members access to reports at any time.

Before applying for credit, consumers benefit from ordering a copy of each report. A credit report lists all reporting creditors. If a company transfers a bill to a collection agency, the report also includes the information. Having the report available eliminates any surprises during the application process.

Having the correct contact information is essential to disputing any errors on the report. If the post office returns letters stamped "return to sender," check with the other resources to find a current mailing address.

When sending letters of dispute to a collection agency, use certified mail with a return receipt option, according to Credit Info Center. Doing so eliminates uncertainty as to whether the company is receiving the correspondence.