How Do You Know If a Phone Number Is a Landline or a Cellphone?

How Do You Know If a Phone Number Is a Landline or a Cellphone?

To know if a phone number belongs to a landline or cellphone, access a reverse phone search website such as Phone Validator or Search Bug. Type in the phone number as directed on the site, and go through the results page to obtain the required information.

On the Phone Validator website, enter a U.S.-based phone number with or without dashes into the relevant box. Do not prefix "1" when typing the number. Click on Search to display the results page.

This website indicates the corresponding phone carrier and its location along with the phone type. A map indicating the precise phone location is also provided. In addition, the site allows you to look up the owner's name for free through the Spy Dialer website. The Phone Validator website offers its services free of charge.

On the Search Bug website, enter a phone number based in the U.S. or Canada with or without dashes, and click Verify. The results page displays the phone type, as well as the corresponding carrier, location, area code, map and time zone. On this website, five verifications can be performed for free in a day.

Both websites use the North American Numbering Plan as their information source. Additionally, Search Bug uses the Canadian Numbering Administrator and databases of phone companies to source the information.