What Are Some Phone Number Area Codes in Tennessee?


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Tennessee's area codes are 423, 615, 731, 865, 901 and 931. The Knoxville area is in the 865 area code, whereas the Chattanooga and Bristol-Kingsport-Johnson City areas are covered by 423. The Nashville area uses the 615 area code, and the Memphis area is served by the 901 area code.

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All of Tennessee originally used the 901 area code. In 1947, an area code numbering system for North America was established, and by 1954, Tennessee had experienced enough population growth and telephone use to justify splitting the 901 code and adding the 615 code. Forty-one years passed before there was enough demand for another area code. In 1995, the 615 area code was split and the 423 code was formed. In 1999, the 423 area code was split to form the 865 code. Another split of area code 615 occurred in 1997 when the 931 code was put into service. This code serves the remainder of middle Tennessee not covered by the Nashville 615 code. In 2001, the 731 area code was created by splitting the 901 code. The 901 code serves the remainder of west Tennessee. In March 2015, the 629 area code was created as an overlay in the same geographic area as the 615 code.

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