How Do You Petition the Government?


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It is possible to petition the government by writing a statement regarding your stance on an issue, collecting signatures, and mailing it to the office that most closely deals with issues pertaining to your case, states the Center for Effective Government. You can also create a petition online through Petitions.Whitehouse.gov.

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The petition should include your contact information, a description of the proposed action, along with an explanation as to why you would propose such action, and anything backing up your proposal, including scientific data, research links and arguments, states the Center for Effective Government. You should also mention any events that support the need for such a proposal. It is helpful to include any laws that support your proposal.

To create an online petition, go to Petitions.Whitehouse.gov, and browse through the database of petitions to see if there is already a petition addressing your concern, and sign it. If there are no current petitions pertaining to your problem, start a new petition, explains Whitehouse.gov. Create an account on the website in order to create or view petitions. An online petition has the potential of reaching more individuals through the Internet.

If the petition reaches a certain number of signatures, it shows the government that this is an issue that concerns a reasonable amount of people, which encourages those in charge to review and address your concerns, notes the Center for Effective Government. Expect to hear from the agency regarding your petition by either a public notice to their website or by personal contact. This can take some time, possibly years, as the officials may need to discuss the matter between themselves and decide what is best for all parties involved. If an agency accepts your petition, a rulemaking or deregulatory action may commence.

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