How Do You Find a Person's Date of Birth for Free?

Some of the best ways to find a person's date of birth for free include checking social media and searching through public databases or other online resources. Some of the most common reasons why people search for birth dates include to surprise someone on their birthday, to avoid embarrassment as a result of forgetfulness and to enter accurate information in a database.

Most people include their birth dates on social media profiles. Checking such profiles can be a quick and easy way to obtain information. Facebook users are usually notified of their friends' birthdays.

Carrying out a physical research through institutions, such as libraries and hospitals, may be a good way to obtain information for free. Public databases may include medical records or public library archives. To find someone's date of birth online, do the following:

  1. Search for a suitable resource
  2. Various resources offer different interfaces and options, which is why it is important to compare those available and settle on the most appropriate. DOBsearch and Public Records Search Online are two of the best resources to use.

  3. Define the search
  4. On the DOBsearch or Public Records Search website, enter relevant information in the fields indicated. Some of the details that may be required include address, name of the individual in question, state and city.

  5. Sift through the results
  6. Once the search results appear, it is prudent to carefully sift through them. This is because some searches may give multiple results.

  7. Print out the results
  8. Print out the results for safekeeping. Alternatively, store the results on the computer or device used to access the Internet.