How Does a Person Reload a .223 Remington Sierra 65 GR?


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According to Nodak Outdoors, before reloading a .223 Remington Sierra 65 GR, the sportsman needs a reloading press, loading dies, empty cases, primers and smokeless powder. Other required equipment includes a powder scale, calipers and a case trimmer. Novice hunters should consult with experts.

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First, measure the cases and trim them to the recommended length, if necessary. Discard any cases that are longer than the maximum. Next, calculate the amount of powder needed for maximum powder charge; and, check for signs of excessive pressure after each round is fired. Keep in mind, the relevant distance information: The minimum feet per second is 2600; and, the maximum is 3100.

Then, attach die to the reloading press while lubricating each case; and, place the die into the case holder on the reloading press. Re-size the primer from each cartridge. Next, insert a new primer. Fill it with the recommended amount of powder charge; and, replace the die with the bullet seating die.

While holding the Sierra 65 grain bullet, place the bullet over the case, and lower the bullet into the seating die until it touches the bullet; then, seat it into the case using the reloading press. Use only recommended primers; and, be sure that the maximum cartridge length does not exceed the recommended measurements.

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