How Does a Person Reapply for Food Stamps?


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To reapply for food stamps, log into the local state agency website to download the reapplication certification. You may also contact the case worker for the documentation if you are already receiving food stamps. After receiving the application, fill it out completely, send it in and interview with another worker.

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An office worker contacts you once the agency has reviewed the reapplication papers. For the interview, you must bring documents that verify your income and additional financial information. After reviewing your qualifications, the office worker considers various factors to determine if you can receive benefits. This decision is largely based on the number of members in your household. The final decision is mailed to your address.

Submit reapplication materials in a timely manor or there may be an interruption in benefits. State public assistance agencies control the application and reapplication process. You may find a local office by calling either the state toll free line or going to the state website.

To be eligible for food stamps, you must have a social security number, be registered for work and meet the income requirements. If you are on a worker's strike, you cannot be eligible for food stamps, unless you were receiving aid prior to the strike.

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