How Do You Perform a Free TDCJ Inmate Search?

To perform a free Texas Department of Criminal Justice inmate search, visit the official website of TDCJ, and open the Offender Search on its homepage. The inmate database on the TDCJ website is considered public record and is available to use free of charge.

The Offender Search tool provides information on offenders currently incarcerated or recently released inmates at a TDCJ facility. To perform a search, you must key in both the full last name and the first initial of an offender or an inmate’s state identification number or TDCJ number. To narrow down the possible results, provide the race and gender of the inmate.

If the search is successful, the Offender Information results page displays the name of the offender, if unique, or a list of names matching the provided details. Aside from the inmate’s full name, it also shows the inmate’s projected release date, date of birth and current TDCJ facility location.

Clicking the name of an inmate shows the individual’s offense history, maximum sentence date and parole eligibility date. If an inmate is still within the custody of the TDCJ, it may show parole review information that includes an inmate’s parole review status and last parole decision. If a parole is denied, this section states the reason for the denial and the next parole review date.