How Do You Perform a Reverse Lookup?

You can perform reverse phone number lookups by going to, clicking on Phone above the search bar, entering the phone number of the person or business, and clicking Search. Individuals can also look up phone information by person, business or address.

To look up phone information by person or business, select People or Business above the search bar, enter the name of the person or business along with the city and state or ZIP code, and click Search. To search for phone information by address, select Address, and enter the address along with the city and state or ZIP code.

To create a free account at WhitePages and edit or remove your personal profile, go to the main page, and click on Join in the upper right corner. Enter your name, email address and a unique password, click on Create Account, and answer the email and phone verification requests. To edit or remove an account, log in, click on Claim/Edit, and specify whether you want to change or remove all or part of your profile.

WhitePages offers premium paid services such as advertisements to individuals and businesses. Although WhitePages does not charge for phone number lookups or the creation of standard accounts, businesses may request payment if individuals click on advertising links.