Is Pepper Spray Legal in Chicago?

pepper-spray-legal-chicago Credit: Luevanos/E+/Getty Images

Pepper spray is legal in Chicago, as well as all of the other cities in Illinois. Pepper spray is defined under state law 720 Ill Comp. Stat. 5/24-1(2008).

State law 720 III Comp. Stat. 5/24-1 (2008) states that a person can carry an object containing a non-lethal gas liquid or substance for personal defense purposes only. It also states that the person in possession must be at least 18 years of age. According to the law, pepper spray is considered a non-lethal substance. Possessing an object containing lethal gas is considered a crime. If the weapon is used against another person in any manner other than justifiable self-defense, it can be considered battery if it results in an injury.