How Do You Find People Using the Dex White Pages?

To find people using the Dex white pages, enter the person's first and last name and as much geographical information as you have in the search box on the Dex Knows website. Search results display name matches with contact information, including address and phone number, if listed.

Clicking on a person's name from the list of search results provides further information, including a map with the person's address marked. In addition to information on the person searched, search results include the names of the person's relatives or other known connections. Dex also gives links to search for additional contact details or people who have similar names using the site, which may cost users to get full reports.

Whitepages offers a similar people search and also provides links to several paid sites in its results. Paid sites such as People Finders may provide deeper searches than what is possible through free records searches and include additional records, such as birth or death records, background checks, and criminal records. Those who do not want to be found on such sites can manage their public record information by searching for themselves using People Finder's Manage Your Public Records option and then selecting to Opt-Out.