How Do You Find People on LinkedIn?

How Do You Find People on LinkedIn?

Find people on LinkedIn by importing contacts, looking through the People You May Know section, visiting the Alumni section or performing an advanced search. LinkedIn offers both a free membership and a premium membership that makes it easier to contact other users.

LinkedIn’s import contacts feature allows users to find other people based on email contact lists. By selecting the Add Connections icon at the top of the main homepage, users can choose to import all contacts from their email address books and invite these users to be friends.

The People You May Know Section also allows users to browse likely matches. These users may work at the same company, have gone to the same college or have numerous mutual friends.

The Alumni section of the site allows users to find and connect with former college classmates. Since LinkedIn users provide information about their education, it’s easy to browse for contacts by looking through listings for an alma mater.

The site’s Advanced People Search also allows users to search for people using a number of parameters, including name, location, title, company and industry. By entering as much information as possible into the search tool, it’s often possible to find a specific person. Users can also tweak many of the search options, such as only searching for people who have close mutual connections.