How Are People Framed for Crimes?


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There are incidents in which people are framed by police officers, according to High Times. There have been numerous incidents of cops smearing drug residue on cars as a way of alerting drug-sniffing dogs. Also, there have been cases of New York police officers planting drugs during searches, as reported by Russia Today.

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How Are People Framed for Crimes?
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Furthermore, the New York Times highlights the fact that police officers can lie under oath to frame suspects, and 2011 was a year in which hundreds of drug cases were thrown out due to accusations of police tampering with evidence.

When it comes to frame-ups between civilians, there are women who claim they were raped to set up another person, Slate notes. According to data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 8 to 10 percent of rape reports are falsified. Other studies demonstrate that 40 percent of rape reports are filed under false pretenses. The general consensus is that the 8 to 10 percent figure is considered the average number of false rape reports.

False witness testimony is also a common reason why people are framed, and there are times when witnesses may not realize they are wrongfully accusing a person, explains the Stanford Journal of Legal Studies. According to a study, witnesses tend to have trouble reconstructing events from memory when giving statements to police, which leads to wrongful convictions. Since lawyers, police and judges rely a great deal on witness testimony, the validity of these statements is rarely questioned..

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