What Is the Penalty for Illegal Parking?


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Penalties for illegal parking vary depending on the municipality in which the offense occurs and the specific details of the violation. Most parking violations on city property result in the violator being issued a ticket from the city and can escalate to higher fines and vehicle impoundment, as stated by the New York City Department of Finance and MuniPRO.

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As of 2015, common violations result in the receipt of parking tickets that range from around $25 for minor offenses such as parking the wrong direction to $63 for major violations such as blocking driveways, states MuniPRO. The median cost of an initial parking ticket in Columbus, Ohio, is $55. In New York, the average cost of parking tickets are much higher, usually ranging from around $50 to over $100, notes the New York City Department of Finance. Both cities' codes state that unpaid tickets accrue additional fines, and extended violations result in towing and impounding the vehicle, which costs a significant amount more in most municipalities.

Parking violations on private property are more variable and less predictable. In Columbus, Ohio, private parking enforcers often reserve the right to choose their own fine schedule for parking violations and may tow vehicles immediately if they are obstructing private property or business, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Private parking companies often do not have the same collection resources available to local governments, so it is often most profitable to immediately tow or boot vehicles in violation of parking policies.

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