What Is the Penalty for a Class B Felony on the First Offense?

The penalty for a Class B felony differs across states and jurisdictions, but most states impose a minimum sentence of one year in prison. Maximum sentences for Class B felonies depend on the nature of the crime and the guidelines of the specific jurisdiction, but they can extend up to 25 or even 60 years.

The judge that oversees a Class B felony conviction has some discretion over how the crime is sentenced. Depending on the crime and its circumstances, the presiding judge may be inclined to sentence more or less harshly than normal. The other factors considered when sentencing are called extenuating circumstances and include prior convictions, and whether a crime is considered a hate crime or not. For example, for the crime of enticing a minor, the state of Connecticut establishes a different sentence for first time offenders.

Class B felonies are sentenced differently according to laws within separate states of jurisdiction. In Connecticut as of 2008, Class B felonies carry mandatory minimums of three years in prison for kidnapping and five years for murder, armed robbery and other serious crimes. In Kentucky as of 2011, all Class B felonies carry a 10-year minimum prison sentence, with a maximum of 20 years. Each state may have slight variations in what it considers a Class B felony.