What Are the Penalties for Viewing Pornography in Somalia?


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Somalia does not have an organized system of criminal justice. Courts are established locally and their punishments for watching pornography can be severe, violent and sometimes fatal.

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What Are the Penalties for Viewing Pornography in Somalia?
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The enforcement of criminal laws in Somalia is not organized and is sometimes nonexistent, according to CountryReports. Somalia's locally established courts operate under their customary law as well as Islamic Shari'a law.

Three young Somali men received 40 lashes each for watching pornographic material on their mobile phones, Newstime Africa reports. The men were found guilty specifically because their behavior was deemed anti-Islamic, the region's head of preaching department, Sheik Mohamed Abu Jafar, notes. The militant group Al-shabaab gives violent and often fatal punishments for those who sin against Islamic law, such as by viewing pornographic materials. These punishments include being stoned to death, amputations and beheadings.

Thirty-four executions were recorded in Somalia for the year 2013, Amnesty International UK reports. Pornography is listed as one of the crimes resulting in capital punishment. Due to many countries not releasing official information regarding their use of capital punishment, the actual number of lethal punishments for pornography viewing is likely much higher.

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