What Are the Penalties for Minor Consumption in Indiana?

Because it is a Class C misdemeanor, the penalty for minor consumption of alcohol in Indiana is up to 60 days in jail, a fine of up to $500 and license suspension, as of 2014. The laws concerning alcohol in Indiana define a minor person to be younger than 21, according to DrivingLaws.org.

Indiana enforces strict laws concerning the consumption or possession of alcohol. It is illegal for persons younger than 21 to consume alcohol, even in private. Presence of alcohol can be detected by blood, breath or urine tests, and such presence can constitute the charge of minor-in-possession. Further physical evidence or the evidence of witnesses is not required, according to the Alcohol Policy Information System.

In addition to consumption, it is illegal for underage persons to obtain alcohol using false identification. It is also illegal for a person 21 or older to provide alcohol to minors, or a place for them to consume alcohol, according to Gibson Law Office.

Punishment for using fake identification, in addition to the penalties of a Class C misdemeanor, includes suspension of the offender's driver's license for 90 days or as long as one year. Providing alcohol to minors or a place for minors to consume alcohol is also a Class C misdemeanor. In addition, negligent providers can be sued under civil law if either harm is done to the minor, or if the minor harms property or persons while under the influence, according to Ball State University.