What Penalties Are There for Driving With an Expired Drivers License?

The penalties for driving with an expired license can range from ticket fines up to $250, points on the driver's permanent driving record, and the vehicle getting impounded, states The Law Dictionary. It is of foremost importance to keep a drivers license current to avoid hassles and expense.

When a license is only slightly expired, and it is a first offense, at the discretion of the officer a driver may get away with only a warning, according to The Law Dictionary. Other officers can demand the driver get out of the vehicle, give the driver a ticket, and impound the vehicle in order to prevent the continuation of the offense. When this occurs, the driver is liable for cost of the tow, the fee for impounding the vehicle and the ticket fine. Sometimes an officer may tell the driver to head directly to the DMV to resolve the problem.

There can be significant insurance penalties arising from driving with an expired license, notes The Law Dictionary. Points on a driver's record can result in increased insurance premiums. If a driver gets into an accident with an expired license, that driver is charged with any relevant infractions at the maximum penalty. A driver's insurance company can deny coverage due to a driver operating a vehicle illegally. It can cost a driver tens of thousands of dollars when getting into an accident while driving with an expired license.