What Is a Peddlers License Good For?


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A peddler's license permits individuals to sell items on the street or go door to door, according to the Houston Chronicle. Before individuals can start selling on the street, they need to obtain this license as well as any other permits that their state requires.

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Individuals looking for a peddler's license should contact the municipality they are applying in to determine if they need a bond as well, as the Houston Chronicle explains. Some states require the applicant to post a small bond for themselves and any of their employees. Most states may require that the applicant provide several types of personal documentation when applying for a peddler's license, and they may also require a copy of the applicant's criminal record, the proof of bond and proof of identification.

Applicants should also contact their municipality's license department to learn if they can apply online of if they need to apply in person. Some cities may allow applicant's to print out an online application and then submit it in person. Some licensing offices may require the applicant to pay an annual fee for the license, which varies among states. The fees are usually inexpensive, running less than $100 in most states as of 2015, according to the Houston Chronicle.

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