How Do You Get a Pay Toll Violation?


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Drivers get pay toll violations when they drive through toll plazas without transponders mounted in their cars on highways where they are required to have them, reports How Things Work. Video cameras record their license plate numbers, and the toll collection service sends a violation notice by mail.

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The cost of the toll bill and penalties varies significantly among highway monitoring systems, points out USA Today. For instance, in Massachusetts, the Pay By Plate system sends a toll payment invoice to any driver using the toll roads without a transponder, explains the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Drivers have 30 days to pay the toll fee before the state charges a violation penalty. After several notices of nonpayment, drivers may not be able to renew their driver's licenses or vehicle registrations until they completely pay off the tolls and penalty fees.

In Illinois, drivers without transponders on toll highways can pay cash, according to Illinois Tollway. If they do not have cash or are in the wrong lane, they can drive through and pay the toll online or by mail within a seven-day grace period. Illinois drivers do not receive Notice of Toll Violations with evidence photos until they reach three or more toll violations in a two-year period.

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