How Do You Pay a Ticket for a Moving Violation?


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Many jurisdictions allow moving violation tickets to be paid online, in person or via postal mail, DMV.org reports. Payment methods do vary by jurisdiction, and payment instructions are usually found on the back of the traffic ticket.

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Certain traffic offenses may require an appearance in court, and it is possible the fine can be paid directly at the courthouse, DMV.org advises. Failure to pay a traffic violation can have serious ramifications, including the suspension of driving privileges, increased fines and penalties, and a warrant for arrest if a court appearance is required. The forfeiture of a driver's license could also be imposed. Penalties vary by jurisdiction, and they are at the court's discretion.

You could choose to fight your moving violation instead of paying the fine, says DMV.org. When a not guilty plea is entered, a hearing is scheduled, and you have the opportunity to hire an attorney. In many cases you may have to pay court costs if you are found guilty. Losing at a court hearing means that a plea bargain is not possible. Paying a traffic violation is equivalent to a no contest or guilty plea, which can lead to a conviction noted on your driving record.

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