How Do You Pay a Parking Citation?


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While payment methods for parking citations often depends upon the city in which the ticket was issued, most jurisdictions allow violators to pay parking fines online, according to DMV.org, the City of Los Angeles and the City of St. Louis websites. For example, to pay a parking citation to the city of Los Angeles, navigate to the City of Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau website, and click for the online parking payment system.

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On the LA Parking Violations Bureau website, you must enter your ticket number in the designated box and click Submit to begin the payment process, notes the City of Los Angeles. Follow the on-screen directions for completing the payment, and wait for a confirmation page to load. You can print the confirmation page for your records. The City of LA charges a small processing fee per transaction, as of 2015, and you can make partial payments with the potential for late payment fees.

The City of St. Louis allows violators to pay parking citations online, by phone, mail or in person, according to the city website. The ticket must be paid within 15 days of the issue date or fees are applied to the total amount due. Violators can pay a ticket online with a credit card, send the ticket and a check in the mail to Parking Violations Bureau (PVB), P.O. Box 78459, St. Louis, MO 63178-8459, call either 314-450-2830 or 800-611-3009 to pay by phone or pay in person at 229 North 7th Street, St. Louis, MO 63101, as of 2015.

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