How Do You Pay a Notice of Toll Violation?

A toll violation can be paid in a number of ways, including via phone, mail, walk-in center or Internet by credit card or debit; money orders can also be used by mail or walk-in center, while cash can be used only at walk-in-centers. Many of the toll roads throughout the United States are monitored by the E-ZPass system.

Having an E-ZPass transponder or tag attached to a vehicle makes it possible for drivers to go through tool booths without having to stop to pay. Drivers who go through E-ZPass lanes without the necessary documentation or without paying the required toll will have their vehicle photographed and a bill for the toll violation sent to them in the mail.

The E-ZPass system began in the late 1980s, and an E-Zpass tag or transponder works at any E-ZPass toll road. Drivers receive a small discount, which varies by state, for using the E-ZPass system. Most passes require drivers to carry a minimum balance on their account to keep their tag or transponder active. There are also some independent toll roads throughout the nation that use the same technology as E-ZPass, which allow drivers to make use of those toll booths as well.