How Do You Pay Your North Texas Toll Tag Statement?


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Pay North Texas TollTag ZipCash statements online, by phone or by mail, advises the North Texas Tollway Authority. Alternatively, go to an ACE Cash Express shop or North Texas Tollway Authority customer service center to pay in person. Save money by setting up and maintaining a TollTag automatic payment account.

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You only receive a North Texas ZipCash toll road statement if you don't have a TollTag or your TollTag account balance is insufficient to pay your tolls, explains the North Texas Tollway Authority. The Tollway Authority sends out ZipCash bills monthly. To avoid paying 50 percent or more higher tolls in ZipCash fees, set up a credit-backed account to pay your tolls. As of 2015, when the account balance goes under $10 for three vehicles, the North Texas Tollway Authority automatically withdraws more funds through the credit card. Alternatively, set up a cash-based TollTag payment account, and keep a positive balance in the account by adding funds online, by mail or in person.

When your license plate, vehicle or credit card information changes, update your TollTag account so you don't receive a ZipCash statement, advises the North Texas Tollway Authority. Always pay bills promptly, as habitual offenders are subject to fines, extra fees, toll road bans, blocked vehicle registration and impoundment of offending vehicles.

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