How Do You Pay New York Traffic Tickets?


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A person can plead guilty to a traffic violation in New York and pay the fine online, through the mail or in person, states the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is also possible to plead "not guilty" and appear in court. Traffic tickets are issued for violations of traffic law, and they require a response.

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Most traffic tickets can be paid online using a credit or debit card, explains the DMV. The back of the citation indicates the deadlines and options for answering the ticket to avoid additional fines and possible suspension of the driving license. To pay by mail, a violator must carefully read the instructions on the back of the citation, check the guilty box, sign the ticket and enclose a check or money order. It is important to write the number of the ticket on the check or money order, and keep a copy for personal records.

It is possible to visit any New York State Traffic Violations Bureau office to pay a ticket in person, notes the DMV. It is necessary to bring the citation and proof of identity, and to have a check or money order for the correct amount, or have a credit card to pay the ticket. If a person decides to dispute the citation, he can read the instructions on the back, check the "not guilty" box, and be prepared to appear in court to explain why he shouldn't have received the ticket.

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