How Do You Pay Medicare Premiums?


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There are several ways to pay Medicare Part A or Part B premiums: by check via mail, automatically by credit card or by having the premium deducted from a federal annuity payment. If you receive Social Security or other state benefits, you may deduct the cost from your installment.

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According to Medicare.gov, you may only pay your Medicare Part B premium by having the cost deducted from federal benefits, such as Social Security. If you must pay premiums on Medicare Part A, your options are limited to paying by check via the mail or by credit card via Medicare Easy Pay, a system which automatically debits your payment from a checking or savings account. If you are a civil servant, you may have your premium paid out of the annuity provided to you by the federal government.

Medicare.gov says that, regardless of how you pay your premium, you are notified monthly of your premiums' due date in the form of a payment notice. These payment notices are designed to inform you of your payment's processing, including whether or not your payment is delinquent. In case you have trouble paying your premium, or live on a limited income, Medicare.gov has access to state resources, such as Medicaid and PACE, that are designed to help you continue to make payments so your Medicare is not cancelled.

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