How Do You Pay a FasTrak Ticket?


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To pay a FasTrak ticket, visit BayAreaFasTrak.org. From the home page, select Pay an Invoice or Violation. Choose the appropriate payment option to complete the transaction, according to FasTrak.

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An individual who crosses the Golden Gate Bridge and is not a FasTrak account holder receives an invoice via mail for the toll crossing. This invoice is a bill for only the amount of the toll, and the number begins with the letter I, explains FasTrak. A violation notice includes the bill for the toll as well as related penalties and begins with the letter T. To pay either type of bill, an individual must enter the invoice or violation number as well as his vehicle information.

Individuals also have the option to pay tolls in advance if they plan to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, notes FasTrak. To do this an individual must select the one-time payment option. Individuals who have already crossed the bridge can also make a one-time payment provided the travel took place within the last 48 hours.

To open a FasTrak account, purchase a toll tag at a participating location, then register the tag online at BayAreaFasTrak.org. Alternatively, order a toll tag online through the website, reports FasTrak. After receiving the tag, mount it to the inside of the vehicle's windshield in the proper place to begin using the tag.

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