How Do You Participate in a Prison Pen Pal Program in Texas?


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As of 2015, WriteaPrisoner.com and LostVault are two pen pal services that are open to inmates in Texas, according to the official websites. Both sites list the state where the prisoner is located, so non-prisoners can use these sites to find Texas-based inmates.

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To join WriteaPrisoner.com as an inmate, go to the homepage, select List an Inmate and then click List New Inmate Profile, as shown on the organization's website. Complete an online application form that includes the inmate's name, correctional facility, reason for conviction, gender and address. Then select from a variety of payment options, which begin at $40 for a one-year subscription.

A person interested in finding a Texas-based prisoner pen pal goes to the WriteaPrisoner.com homepage, selects Inmate Profiles and then Search Inmate Profiles, the website shows. The resulting search tool includes the ability to browse by the prisoner's state as well as gender, age range, religion, and whether or not the prisoner is on death row. The search brings up the profiles, with pictures, of prisoners in the pen pal program. Selecting a profile will load options to contact the prisoner by mail or email.

A prisoner can join LostVault by visiting its website, clicking on Pen Pals, clicking on Register and then following the instructions in the Place an Ad section, writes LostVault. In most circumstances, LostVault services are free for both prisoners and pen pals. All correspondence is conducted through mail (not email).

A person interested in contacting a prisoner selects Pen Pals on the LostVault homepage, clicks Enter and then selects from the different categories of prisoners, which include death row inmates, women only or men only. The resulting list of inmates includes the state, so an individual can select a Texas-based prisoner. Clicking on the individual profiles shows the inmate's mailing address.

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