How Does Paralyzed Veterans of America Help Veterans?

How Does Paralyzed Veterans of America Help Veterans?

The Paralyzed Veterans of America Association helps veterans access their veterans' benefits, organizes sports programs, and funds research for spinal cord disease and injuries. The Veterans Benefits Department is the largest segment of the organization and focuses on obtaining benefits and rehabilitating injured veterans.

The Veterans Benefits Department offers free assistance to any veteran or family member, including completing the forms for Veterans Administration benefits, medical benefits and discharge due to injury paperwork. The department also represents clients in legal proceedings and specializes in complicated cases.

The Paralyzed Veterans of America has offices in every Veterans Administration hospital that has a spinal cord injury unit. The organization has a staff of doctors and nurses who monitor the quality of care. The team works with and educates hospital staff in regards to spinal cord injury treatment. Paralyzed Veterans staff members visit patients and assist in filing any necessary paperwork during their hospital stay.

Operation PAVE is a vocational services program offered by the organization. The program provides one-on-one career counseling and help with transitioning to a civilian workforce, including resume assistance, interview preparation, vocational counseling and employer networking.

The Paralyzed Veterans of America also hosts several different sporting events for its members annually. Events such as the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, Wheelchair Billiards Tournament and Paralyzed Veterans Road Race are held each year. With 69 chapters across the country, sports training varies by location.

The Paralyzed Veterans of America Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization that funds spinal cord disease and injury research. The organization provides research grants that equal about $1 million annually.