Who Are Palestine's Allies?

Palestine's largest and strongest ally is Iran. Their alliance traces back to 1979, when Iran stopped supporting Israel and turned the Israeli embassy into a Palestinian one. They remain allies against Israel as of 2015.

Palestine also has limited alliances and support from other nations. Sweden is not a total ally, but as of 2015, it recognizes Palestine as an independent state. This is controversial because Israel and many of Israel's allies, including the United States, do not recognize a Palestinian state. India also recognizes Palestine as a state and has done so since 1988, making it one of the first non-Arab nations to do so.

Palestine also has allies among many Arab and Muslim states, at least to some degree. Egypt is a significant exception. Its stance has wavered, but as of 2015, it is more closely allied with Israel and has come out strongly against Hamas.

In addition to governmental allies, many private citizens around the world consider themselves allies of Palestine and support a Palestinian state. There are a variety of charitable organizations that support Palestinians, and many celebrities have voiced their support as well. As of 2014, this included actors Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Mia Farrow and John Cusack as well as various singers, sports stars and other entertainers.