What Is a Packet to Become a Warrant Officer?


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A packet to become a Warrant Officer is the application an enlisted soldier must submit in order to be considered for promotion to a Warrant Officer by the United States Army's Warrant Officer Selection Board, according to the U.S. Army. Packets are submitted by email unless the applicant is deployed.

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The Army requires all packets to be 100 percent administratively complete in order to be considered, the notes the U.S. Army. The Army advises candidates to keep a copy of their completed packet for their records. The Army also advises candidates to check the Warrant Officer Selection Board's schedule, as it is subject to frequent changes.

Soldiers who are not selected after two packet submissions must observe a one-year waiting period before reapplying, according to the U.S. Army. When packets are submitted, the email subject line must include the candidate's last name, first name, primary Womos and the email number, because packets often must be sent in multiple emails.

To become a Warrant Officer, according to the U.S. Army a candidate must be a U.S. citizen, achieve a General Technical score above 110, pass a physical fitness test and have more than 12 months remaining on his enlistment contract. For most Military Occupational Specialties, a Warrant Officer candidate must be under 46 years of age. Warrant Officer candidates also cannot have more than 12 years of total American military service. Waivers are available for the age and length of military service requirements.

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