How Do You Find the Owner of a Property?

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Conducting a property records search is a good way to find the names of property owners. Property records can be searched online or at local county departments that keep public records, according to For instance, property deed records may be stored at a county clerk or county recorder office.

Property records provide a wealth of information, including length of ownership, amount of taxes owed, parcel numbers, foreclosure and property improvements, notes If doing an online search, there are sites that provide access to databases for public records. Title companies conduct name searches for property owners, states This is another avenue if a person does not wish to do the search. Some title companies provide property profiles for free. It's also possible to ask title companies to dig deeper and find out if a lien is placed on the property.

Another option is to contact a real estate agent in the area of the property and ask if she has any information on who owns the property. According to, real estate agents may at least be able to provide a phone number to call that helps lead to an owner. Another route is to visit the local courthouse and go through public probate records that may show a divorce filing.