How Do You Find Out If You Have Warrants in Dallas?

Find out if you have any outstanding warrants by visiting the City of Dallas' courts Web page. Click the hyperlink text marked "Citation Search." A new page loads that allows you to search using different parameters for warrants.

Search by name, docket number, police department report number or citation number. There are two types of warrants issued by Dallas. The first, an Allas Warrant, is issued when a defendant fails to make an appearance in court. The other, a Capias Warrant, is issued for guilty parties who refuse to cooperate with a court order.

If you find that you have a warrant, you have three ways of taking care of it. Appear in person and pay the fine in cash, pay online or file a motion by mail or in person. To pay or file a motion, you must appear at the Dallas Municipal Court, located at 2014 Main street, Dallas, TX, 75201. If you discover a warrant under your name and you contend its validity, you must call 214-670-0109 to dispute the order, or email the court by using the form on the City of Dallas website.

Dallas warns that any citations that enter into warrant status have an extra $60 fee attached to them.