How Do You Find Out If You Have a Warrant for Unpaid Traffic Tickets?

Asking a law enforcement officer, calling the local courthouse and searching the municipality's website where the infraction occurred are ways drivers can find out if there are warrants against them for unpaid traffic tickets. Unpaid traffic ticket warrants are the most commonly issued warrants, according to Nolo.

Court do not usually issue warrants unless an offender misses a court date or fails to comply with a court's request in some other way. Inquiring with the police precinct of the city of the unpaid parking ticket is a simple way for an officer to search an offender's driving record to determine if there is an active warrant. It is recommended to call rather than inquire in person as doing so in person can lead to an immediate arrest, according to Nolo.

Each city or municipality conducts its own proceedings that adhere to its own laws. For example, the city of Colorado Springs informs offenders of their driving status and that a bench warrant for their arrest has been issued before sending the police. Colorado Springs also provides a phone number and email address for offenders to use to find information regarding arrest warrants. It also provides instructions about where to appear and with whom to speak to handle a warrant, as indicated by the City of Colorado Springs website.