How Do You Find Out the Time and Date of a Court Appearance?

Find out the time and date of a court appearance by going through the citation, release paper or bail paperwork. Alternatively, access date and time information by going online and reading through the court's online case or calendar information, notes the Superior Court of California.

Individuals are usually expected to attend court hearings without fail. Missing a court appointment may incur other charges or lead to issuance of a warrant of arrest, states Mayor Justice Court.

Start by talking to a relative or friend who may have attended a court hearing before. Such an individual may offer information on where to check for the exact time and date. Take advantage of the Internet to read resources regarding court attendance.

Go through court documents issued prior to the day of the hearing, because they often indicate the time and date of the hearing. These documents may include citations, bail or bond paperwork and arraignment letters.

Alternatively, if paperwork is lost, talk to a government official working in the court to know the time and date of attendance. The clerk or other staff may look it up and provide the information.

Another options is to go to the court's online portal and check through its case or calendar information section.