How Do You Find Out Whose Telephone Number Is Calling You?

Online directories, such as Whitepages, Intelius and AnyWho, offer reverse phone number lookup, allowing you to enter a phone number to identify the owner. A 10-digit phone number is required, and basic searches are offered free of charge.

Free searches can be performed for any phone number belonging to a listed residential or business number. Some directories, such as Yellow Books, offer reverse phone number lookup for international phone numbers. The search results display a list of all possible matches to the phone number, allowing you to choose the closest match for more information. Further details include the owner's complete name, address and a map showing the exact location. You may also view neighbors in the area and obtain directions.

If the number is unlisted or is a cellphone, the results only display carrier information. However, most directories offer advanced options for a fee, allowing you to pay for information associated with the number. While advanced options and fees vary depending on the service provider, they generally include detailed personal data such as background checks and criminal reports. Additionally, some advanced options allow you to obtain a person's email address, driving records, marriage and birth certificates and address history and to view online social profiles.