How Do You Find Out the Status of a Social Security Claim?

You can check the status of your Social Security claim by calling your local Social Security office and speaking to a disability claims representative. The representatives can usually provide updates on your case but cannot give you details or a time-frame as to when a decision may be rendered.

You should speak to the examiner who was assigned to your case when the case is pending after you've filed your application. If you are at the first level of an appeal, you should also speak to the examiner. The examiner assigned to your case works at the state agency of Disability Determination Services, not the actual Social Security Administration. You can obtain a phone number from your local Social Security office. The examiners are generally easy to reach by phone.

If you submitted a request for a hearing before an administrative law judge, your claim is at the Social Security Administration, and the next step is a scheduled hearing date. If your case is at this level, you should contact the Social Security office where you filed your original claim to obtain information on the status of your hearing request. If you have retained an attorney to represent you, your attorney should check the status of your claim.