How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Bankrupt?

You can find out if someone is bankrupt by searching county court records. Bankruptcy filings and judgments are public records.

  1. Gather pedigree history

    You need the person’s full name and county of residence to search bankruptcy records. The record could be filed under maiden names or aliases, so keep all known names in mind when searching court records.

  2. Locate the person’s current and past residential counties

    Find out the person’s current residential county by placing county after the person’s address in your web browser. Do the same for past addresses, if known. If you only know the town, this should be good enough.

  3. Use public record websites

    Load BlackbookOnline or CourtReference into your Internet browser. Both websites offer free public record searches, with some exceptions. Most counties provide free information including docket or instrument number, book and page number and court disposition. To pull, copy and deliver the full record, most courts charge a small fee. Some counties and states charge a fee for all information.

  4. Conduct thorough searches

    Search the person’s county court records by full name to minimize the number of returned results. If this doesn't return any results, then search by the person’s last name and first initial. You may have to search more than one county or more than one court in each county before you find the person’s filing or judgment.