How Do I Find Out Who Is Running for Office in My Area?

Information on state and local elections are available from general election websites such as Politico, as well as on many Secretary of State websites for individual states. In addition, the United States Election Assistance Commission provides links to each state's social media networks relating to regional elections.

Some state departments, such as the Florida Department of State, have candidate databases and race tracking systems. The FDS's candidate tracking system contains special election and general election drop-down menus wherein website users can choose election year or congressional district and view ensuing results. The general election list shows candidate names, status and, if applicable, district. Other state department websites also provide area election information, though not always with the same level of detail as Florida.

Comprehensive lists of city elections are more difficult to find, but some city and town websites provide information on impending elections. For example, as of 2015 the city of Jefferson City, Missouri, has information on 2015 municipal elections on its city website, including a list of candidates, offices or seats up for grabs and polling locations. Some county websites update voters on developments in county election cycles, such as in the case of Saint Louis County, Missouri.

Many of these websites archive election results for retrieval at later times.