How Do You Find Out If You Are a Registered Voter?

How Do You Find Out If You Are a Registered Voter?

You can find out if you are a registered voter on the website. The site helps you know how and where to vote. Additionally, you can update your registration information on website.

To check your registration status, select the name of your county, city or state from the list in the Search Option box on the home page. After you select your state, the search feature opens the Elections and Voter Information page. At the county level, for example, you can check your registration status through the website or by phone.

Because contains many links and phone contacts, you must click on the link for your area or make a call by dialing the phone number specific to your location to access your registration information.

Additionally, the site helps you find the political party under which you are registered as well as your registration name. If you do not know the name of your county, or you are unsure about it, call the voter hotline. Alternatively, enter your ZIP code in the U.S Census Bureau website to find the name of your county.

If you are not registered, register online or pick up an application form from any post office, public library or county elections office. The county elections office can mail you an application form as well.