How Do You Find Out Which Precinct You Are Supposed to Vote In?


The best way to find out which precinct you are supposed to vote in is to contact your state or county election office. Most locations have a website that you can use to search for your local precinct and contact information.

Most states provide an online search tool to find a local precinct or polling place. For example, if you live in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of State provides detailed information about your current polling place online. On the department’s polling place search portal, enter your county, city, street name and house number, and click the Search button. The results page lists your township and voting district, the address of your polling place, and accessibility information.

Similarly, the Virginia Election and Registration Information System provides an online search tool to find your polling place. Select your county or city from the Locality drop down menu and enter your address into the provided boxes. The site provides location information about your polling place, as well as accessibility information and local electoral board contact information.

The New York State Board of Elections also allows you to look up your voting registration status and polling place online. From the home page, click the button labeled “Want to find out if you are registered and where to vote?” to open the search tool. Enter your name, date of birth, county and zip code. Click the Search button to display your polling place information.