How Do You Find Out a Person's Bail Amount?

To obtain information about an inmate's bail amount, contact the courthouse of the county in which the inmate is housed. Once connected with the local courthouse, expect the clerk to ask several questions about the inmate. The clerk needs to know the legal name, birth name, legal address, birth date, case number and inmate number; without this information, the clerk may not be able to supply the bail amount.

Another option is to forgo personal contact with the courts and contact a bail bondsman instead. A bail bondsman posts a person's bail after receiving assurances that the bail amount is to be paid back after a specified length of time and that the person promises to fulfill all of his court obligations, including future court appearances. When a bondsman has been hired, he acts as a liaison between an inmate's family and the courts, and obtains all necessary information to do so, including the bail amount.

A third and potentially more costly option is to consult with an attorney. Once a lawyer has been retained, the courts must advise the attorney of her client's bail amount. If the case in question is a potentially lengthy or complicated one, a lawyer can help wade through the remainder of the legal process as well.