How Do You Find Out Who Owns Certain Real Estate?

Finding the owner of real estate or property in an area can entail searching online through public record directories, visiting the county courthouse or city hall or hiring a title company. A good method to look for ownership record is to go to websites, such as PropertyShark, as noted by Similarly, the website is another source that can provide access to tax assessors' and recorders' offices throughout the United States.

The website is a public records online directory that is searchable by state. If tax assessors and recorders of deed offices for state counties have official websites, then these sites may have information on the specific property and its owners. By clicking on a particular state on the map provided at the website by clicking on a particular state on the map provided.

If a recorder of deeds office, which is responsible for recording all deeds and pertinent transactions associated with real estate in a county, does not have the information online, then another option is to go in person to this office. Additionally, other government offices, such as city hall, may keep real estate records.

At the website, there is a search tool for finding property owners. However, to use the search tool, visitors need to register for a basic account, as noted by If this fails to provide information on the owner of a property, then a prospective buyer of real estate may have to hire a title company, which can do a full search on the property.